Sunday, October 3, 2010

Country Living Fair, Columbus Ohio

Earth Angels Tent was Totally Spectacular....
There is nothing more refreshing, amazing, enlightening, inspiring, motivating, and so on....
about the Earth Angels artists.
I am fortunate enough to help/work for the Master Mind behind Earth Angels,
the FABULOUS, Jen O'Connor.
She is an amazing woman, full of energy and life. Her mind is always racing a mile a minute thinking of new and better ideas. It's hard to keep up with her! Someone needs to invent a system that can read her mind and put it on paper so we can all benefit! Tee Hee!
The artists in attendance were: Jennifer Lanne (5rd pix), Letty Worley (& Mom Michelle, 4th pix), Jody Battaglia, Kris Kirkpatrick, Leslie Mc Cabe, Cheryl Kuhn, Valerie Weberpal, Laurie Meseroll (& daughter Sophie), and Melody Elizabeth Doyel.
I forgot to mention that I actually sold some Halloween Itty-Bitty's at the show! Wahoo for me! A couple potion bottles and Frozen Charlotte art too! Thanks again to Jen for making this happen for Skippy Doodle! What an AWESOME opportunity! (1st few pix)
My roomies were Jen and Michelle (3rd pix). Michelle is a pretty, tiny lady that puts the Energizer Bunny and the Hulk to shame. You need something moved, sold, cleaned, etc....she's the girl for you!
And to top it off, after working 12 hours, she gets behind the wheel of the box truck and drives about 7 hours to get us home safely! PHEW!
We had lots of laughs, met lots of wonderful people, sold lots of art and survived the heat and hard work.
OCT 22-24.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TeSsiE TeEnAgeR In 8th GrAdE!!

I can't believe my 'baby' is 13 and has started 8th grade.
Tess would've been happy with only a two week vacation in July and then
back to school!
Me, on the other hand, loved gym and art. Where did this girl come from? LOL!
Tess has her own style. I must say she always looks pretty cute.
She does take after me with the accessories. I can never get enough.
Accessories make an outfit FUN!
She's excited about high school...
Me and her daddy, not so much!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun Stuffs from Nicole Bowen

Nicole Bowen is one of my favorite Earth Angels Artists.
1- She's from Jersey, Me too!
2- Our Daughters share the same (nick) name, Crazy right?
3- She loves making littles, My Obsession!

4- Her creations are totally cute, fun and addictive! (& affordable!)
Nicole is as fun as her creations & you just want to bottle her energy!
At the last Earth Angels Spring Soiree this past May, I bought a monkey necklace and some handmade cards.
Nicole also gave me some gift tags/ornies as a gift. WAHOO!
She's adorable, sweet, fun & of course talented.
Enjoy the pictures of my collection of Nicole treasures.
(monkey necklace, monkey purse, illustrated cards & tags, little chicks, panda bear & Golli)
Make sure to check out her art on
PS She was also in Where Women Create.
Check it out, you will DIE over her studio!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! We are laying low this weekend. No big trips to the CROWDED beaches! Which is actually a relief. Last weekend, we ventured to NY to the O'Connor's annual 4th of July party. Jen (Earth Angels Toys) and Micah throw a magnificent party every year. Once again it was AMAZING! There were lots of people, about 200+ of which 80+ were kids! People were laughing and chatting, kids were running and playing and food and drinks were abundant. Oh, and then there's the kids' dessert parade. Each child holds a dessert, marches around the house (led by a pot banging adult) and into the tent where the goodies are put on display. SIMPLY DELICIOUS!
The party isn't over until the end of the Warwick fireworks! Ooo! Ahhh!
We hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day and Remembers to say a prayer or two for the people serving our Great Country. Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. God Bless America.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Semi Formal Dance

Today was the last day of school for the Princess.
It was a half day as well as the 8th Grader's Graduation.
Every year, the 7th Graders get to join the Graduating class at their Semi Formal
Graduation/End of Year Dance.
This year's dance was met with great anticipation.
The Princess was counting down the days (for months) until she could wear
her beautiful dress, sparkly shoes and rhinestone accessories.
I got all chocked up taking pictures. Where did the years go? My Daughter, the teenager!
Her beauty, her smile, her personality, her soul, her smarts, her heart.
I am so blessed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hudson Super Market


..don't forget to meet me on 6/12 at the "HUDSON super MARKET" where we'll be showcasing a fab selection of Earth Angels' art and goodies...

Earth Angels to be featured:
JENNIFER LANNE's original paintings
LAURIE MESEROLL's mixed-media "Mud-Cakes" paintings
DARA DiMAGNO's wearable art
CHERYL KUHN's "small stories studio" assemblages
VALERIE WEBERPAL's "Harvest Moon" soft sculptures

There will also be some glorious goodies from:

So we sure do hope to see you there...come and spend the day, the cafe on-site will be open and the town offers a fab selection of browsing and shopping hot spots...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Phew! This was a very hectic week! My Princess had her Spring Band Concert, Honor Society Ceremony, Lacrosse Game and read a Poem at our town's Memorial Day Ceremony. * The Spring Concert was beautiful. Tess had two trumpet solos in the Jazz band. She was TERRIFIC! * Tess, seven of her girlfriends and three boys from her grade were inducted into the Honor Society. The teacher and staff did a great job choosing these seventh graders. They are a great bunch of kids who will make a difference in the school and the community in the coming 2010-11 school year. * Tess was asked to read at the Memorial Day Service Ceremony in town. It's a simple yet beautiful Ceremony. Tess was one of two who read, a young man from the school band played Taps throughout the ceremony and a young lady from Chorus sang God Bless America. It's nice to see young people participate in the Ceremony. I think they get a better understanding of what Memorial Day is all about. At the Ceremony, there are Veterans who speak about their war experiences and of the friends they have lost. We visit three small cemeteries in town and their speeches make the tombs and grave markers personal. Not just a stone with a name on it. The Veterans give us all a reality check. * Pray and pray some more...for the safety and well being of our soldiers who protect us and fight for our freedom. HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Jersey Girl With Cowboy Boots?

You bet your sweet bippy! When Hubby and I first started dating, I spotted a black pair of cowboy boots that were calling my name. Unfortunately, they were out of my price range. Well, being the romantic that he is, Hubby bought them and surprised me. That was about 20 years ago. Those black boots were loved and worn to the end. They were resoled three times and when the fourth time came around, they were too worn out to replace. The only remedy would have been duct tape. I wasn't going there. I managed to live without cowboy boots for two years. I could never find the right ones. UNTIL.... My Hubby bought me a gift certificate this past Christmas to a Tac shop a couple of towns over. We went to visit, but no boots were calling my name. Hubby actually put a 'bug' in the owner's ear and she ordered me new boots. RED BOOTS! THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! I WORE THEM TO WORK TODAY! I was like a kid with new sneakers. I wanted to wear them out of the shower, to work, to Princess' LaX practice and in my pj's! My Hubby is going to have to remove them when I'm asleep! I L-O-V-E THEM! I know not everyone will understand, but that's ok. Like Hubby says, "As long as you like them dear!" He's a keeper! (and so are the boots!)
ps the UGLY rug is at work!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Earth Angels Spring Soiree

The Earth Angels Spring Soiree turned out to be another AMAZING event!
Twelve Earth Angels artists attended and brought with them wonderful treasures.
Nicole Bowen, Debbee Thibeault, Nicol Sayre, Pat Murphy, Leslie McCabe, Letty Worley,
Dara DiMagno, Diana Card, Dierdre Friebley, Jennifer Lanne, Kitty Barbendrier and Jill Weiner were all in Warwick! So may wonderful artists in one place....OVERLOAD! LOVE IT!
You can never get away from an Earth Angels events without at least one treat.
If you couldn't make it to Warwick, you still have two chances to get some goodies!
Earth Angels will be hosting a WebShow on May 23th, Sunday at 8pm. Go to
and shop to your heart's content. So many great offerings from the artists listed above.
Also, a few Earth Angels will be in Hudson, NY at the Hudson Supermarket on
Saturday, June 12. Make sure to check out Earth Angels website and blog for a list of Artists attending as well as pictures of the Hudson Supermarket and directions.
Hope to meet you there!

Monday, May 17, 2010

They're Here!

Finding a few hours after work during the week and a few minutes on the busy weekends, the coop and the chicken yard are finally finished. Phew! My Hubby and my Princess went to Salem Feed and Grain Store and picked out their hens. There's one Buff, two RI Reds and two white Delawares. As if you can't tell by the HUGE smile on her face, my Princess is so excited! I think she would have slept with them if Daddy allowed! I'll keep you posted on Farmer Princess and Farmer Hubby. Oh, we introduced Pat the Cat and Skippy Doodle to the hens, and neither seemed to care a bit. BONUS!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Earth Angels Adventure

Well, we're packed and ready to leave first thing in the am for Warwick, New York for another AMAZING Earth Angels Event.
My Princess will be helping out this weekend. She works and listens well to
anyone but me. LOL!
If you cannot make it to the event, Jen is going to have an Earth Angel's Web Show/Sale.
Be sure to check her site,
I will be posting details of the show when we return.
Stay tuned!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Fling

The Princess is taking Friday off from school and we are heading to Warwick, NY to help my friend Jen with the Earth Angel's Spring Fling! Wahoo! So exciting! If you live in the tri-state area or New England, this event shouldn't be missed! So, hope you can stop by to meet Earth Angels’ artists and shop for their creations among vintage goodies at the lovely and scenic Warwick Antique Center in the big red barn in Warwick, NY. Paintings, jewelry, folk art, soft sculpture, mixed media, art dolls and heirloom teddies, accessories and d├ęcor… Meet Artists Stacey Bear, Nicole Bowen, Diana Card, Dara DiMagno, Deirdre Friebely, Jennifer Lanne, Laurie Meseroll, Leslie McCabe, Pat Murphy, Debbie Thibault, Nicol Sayre, Jill Wiener and Letty Worley, among others… This is yet another amazing Earth Angel's event that shouldn't be missed! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Frozen Charlottes!

Yes, I'm still addicted to the littles! These Frozen Charlottes are lots of fun to work with. I have so many cute ideas....I can't work FAST ENOUGH! As you may well know, I LOVE THE FLEA MARKET! I scored some old tins, took them apart and made these assemblages with the Charlotte's. I used a combination of old and new goodies. It's hard to pick a favorite. Here is a sampling. Another fact about me, I will never be a prize winning photographer! Check out the littles on my ETSY. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

There was an azaming booth at the Sheep and Wool Festival....It was ALL BUTTONS! New ones, old ones, shell ones, bakealite ones, stone ones, rhinestone ones, you name it, they were there! I fell under the vendor's spell, and purchased some 'stack' buttons to make myself a ring and necklace. When I got home and into my studio, I could've kicked myself! I have TONS of buttons! A LIGHT BULB WENT ON IN MY HEAD! So, I decided to make my own button stacks and button jewelry to sell. They are already available and listed on my site. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frozen Charlottes

I've been on a Frozen Charlotte kick lately. I can't seem to get enough of the little porcelain cuties! I finally won a bid on EBAY this winter and have a few cuties to create with.
I had a few tarnished silver spoons around and decided to pair the Charlottes with them.
I made a special one for my friend Patty's bday, but will have to get a pix of that one. She was a beauty wearing a crown and standing in a gravy spoon. The colors were shades of purple, one of Patty's favs. I listed the rest of the Charlotte's on my ETSY site so please take a peek.
My mind is racing a million miles an hour to create more Charlotte goodies.
Just FYI:
Frozen Charlotte History
Frozen Charlottes are a type of unjointed china doll popular during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The name came from Fair Charlotte, a well-known American folk ballad attributed to William Lorenzo Carter. It is believed to have been composed some time between 1833 and 1860. The ballad tells the tale of a beautiful young woman, Charlotte, who set out in a sleigh with her lover, Charles, on a bittery cold night to attend a ball fifteen miles away. Her mother warned her to wrap herself in a blanket to keep warm, but, she didn't want to be seen muffled up. The couple rode off into the cold and, after traveling a mere five miles, Charles remarked it was so bitterly cold he could hardly hold the reins. When they reached the ballroom, Charles reached for Charlotte's hand, but she was frozen into a stiffened corpse.
Most Frozen Charlottes ranged in height from one to four inches.The one-inch-sized dolls, were commonly known as "penny dolls" because they generally sold for one cent.The popularity of Frozen Charlottes can be attributed, in part, to the fact that their relatively low price allowed children to accumulate a collection of dolls to which to play.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Can I Give?

I just received in the mail today, the newest Where Women Create. As soon as my friend Jen of Earth Angels sent out the announcement it was available, I couldn't wait to get my hands and eyes on it! Featured in this issue are artist pals of Earth Angels and artists that I have had the pleasure to rub elbows and work for, Stacey Bear and Nicole Heller. These women and many others who have been featured in WWC are so talented and inspiring. They give you the energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation to create and interpret whatever art is in your mind and soul. The artists of Earth Angels and WWC remind me of a passage I found on Sage Creek Ltd's blog. I copied it for friends and family. I also framed "What Can I Give" and hung it on the door to my studio. You'll want to share this with friends and loved ones. It's a KEEPER!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

TaG SaLe TrEaTs!

This Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day out with my friend Jeanne. The last Saturday in April is the annual Sheep and Wool Festival in Tolland, CT. Jeanne and I have been going to the Festival for the last few years. The morning was a bit chilly but the afternoon turned out to be gorgeous. Last year we froze our toes off! On our way, we stop at all of the tag sales in Vernon and Tolland. Two of the local churches have a huge tag sale as well as many of the neighborhoods. Jeanne and I scored BIG this year with BARGAINS! I found vintage sewing notions for $1.00, a mohair bunny puppet for $1.00 (looks like a Steiff, no label though), candle holders and vintage costume jewelry for $5.00, paper Halloween goodies for 50 cents and a singing cow for $5.00 (my big splurge). The singing cow will join his fellow crooners in the kitchen cabinet...yet another one of my collections! Jeanne found a thread spool holder for 25 cents ($8.00 retail), a few books for 50 cents, some frames for $1.00, a griddle for the stove top for $1.00 and a cast iron door stop for $1.00. SUCH BARGAINS! After the tag sales, we headed to the Festival. Jeanne is a textile "expert/fanatic". She starts with the fleece from a sheep or alpaca and works her magic all the way to spinning her own yarn! AMAZING! She knits, crochets and felts. Her favorite wool is from Cormo Sheep. It is SOOOOOOO soft. At the Festival she bought some Cormo wool roving to dye herself as well as some dyed teal colored and pink fiber. We walked around for a few hours, made some purchases and pet the sheep. Jeanne's so funny. She is so comfortable being around all the animals, she's a Dr Doolittle of sorts. To top off a perfect day, we had Rita's custard for lunch and Cinco de Mayo Mexican for dinner. YUMMY! Everything a Girl could want!