Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frozen Charlottes

I've been on a Frozen Charlotte kick lately. I can't seem to get enough of the little porcelain cuties! I finally won a bid on EBAY this winter and have a few cuties to create with.
I had a few tarnished silver spoons around and decided to pair the Charlottes with them.
I made a special one for my friend Patty's bday, but will have to get a pix of that one. She was a beauty wearing a crown and standing in a gravy spoon. The colors were shades of purple, one of Patty's favs. I listed the rest of the Charlotte's on my ETSY site so please take a peek.
My mind is racing a million miles an hour to create more Charlotte goodies.
Just FYI:
Frozen Charlotte History
Frozen Charlottes are a type of unjointed china doll popular during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The name came from Fair Charlotte, a well-known American folk ballad attributed to William Lorenzo Carter. It is believed to have been composed some time between 1833 and 1860. The ballad tells the tale of a beautiful young woman, Charlotte, who set out in a sleigh with her lover, Charles, on a bittery cold night to attend a ball fifteen miles away. Her mother warned her to wrap herself in a blanket to keep warm, but, she didn't want to be seen muffled up. The couple rode off into the cold and, after traveling a mere five miles, Charles remarked it was so bitterly cold he could hardly hold the reins. When they reached the ballroom, Charles reached for Charlotte's hand, but she was frozen into a stiffened corpse.
Most Frozen Charlottes ranged in height from one to four inches.The one-inch-sized dolls, were commonly known as "penny dolls" because they generally sold for one cent.The popularity of Frozen Charlottes can be attributed, in part, to the fact that their relatively low price allowed children to accumulate a collection of dolls to which to play.

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