Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter !

SPRING is in the air! The winter chill in New England is finally on it's way out. We've all been waiting patiently. Just wanted to share an Easter picture of my Princess at Easter a few years ago. She picks her own holiday outfits and accessories. I think she does a great job. She especially did a awesome job with the shoes, I'm a RED shoe fanatic!!!! Another picture to share is of my handsome hubby. He's a die hard fisherman. He caught this HUGE trout last year on opening day. He's one of those fisherman who catches fish when no one else can. Pretty amazing. It must be his calm and quiet disposition. Quite the opposite of me! I'm one of those fishing widows from March through October. We even planned our wedding around opening day of trout season! Yikes! Enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Have a Hoppy Easter!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treasures from Jack's

Well, I finally have the pictures of the treasures I scored working at Jack's. The pictures are taken in my garage b/c I still haven't had time to wipe everything down! I dug around in one of the MANY rooms @ Jack's not open to the public yet...being 'the Sistah' has it's perks! I LOVE my yellow chair. My 96 year old Grandma has a pink one that I use to sit on when she styled my hair when I was little. A beautiful memory, something I will never forget. I also scored some iron children's shoe forms, a small chest of drawers, a shelf/bench, misc littles (buttons and such) and some paper goodies. I found some very old black and white religious pictures. Mostly of the Virgin Mary. I love them all. I am going to get some frames before I share them with you. For some reason, I just have a thing for Religious Icons. They are so beautiful and soft, calming and spiritual. I am just drawn to them. You'll see why in the next post.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Cooped Up!

Well, they finally did it! It was a conspiracy, I say! I was at Jack's Barn working all weekend while my Hubby, my Daughter and my Mother-in-law all decided it was time to get chickens and a coop. During dinner on Monday evening, they A-S-K-E-D me if it would be all right to put the coop next to the shed and that we would only get SIX chickens. (The decision was already made.) As they well know, from my previous statements, I AM NOT TAKING CARE OF ANY CHICKENS! I love cute fuzzy little chicks and I love to decorate with them, but I really have no need for them as pets. Every pet that has come and gone, whether mine or NOT, has been loved and taken care of by me. I questioned, WHO is going to take care of them while my Hubby is fishing, my Daughter is too tired or lazy and my Mother-in-law can't trek in the snow? The answers were all the same, "don't worry, we will do it". Their answers somehow perplexed me considering I am the first one up in the am and the last one to bed which always means 'animal caretaker'. Be certain that I won't be the first one out of bed when the chicks arrive! Oh, did I mention they will be living in the den until they are big enough to be in the outside coop? I wonder how Pat the cat and Skippy are going to like that! Stay tuned!