Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where Women Create

IT's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The newest edition of Where Women Create!
Me and SkippyDoodleDesings are in it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it's real!
Someone pinch me!
I thank my friend, the infamous, Jen O'Connor
of Earth Angel's Studios,
 from the bottom of my heart 
for believing in me and SkippyDoodleDesings.
Jen promoted me, did the photo shoot and
all of the editing.
She amazes me on a daily basis!
I also have to thanks  the infamous Jo Packham of WWC 
for choosing  my story. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Most of all, many thanks to MC and Tessie.
I couldn't ask for a more supportive and understanding
hubby and daughter.
They put up with all of my junk 

and craziness and traveling.
They believe in me.
So thank you everyone,
friends and family.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Country Living Fair in NEW YORK!

Country Living Fair in NEW YORK!
You're not seeing things.....there's going to be a Country Living Fair
at the Dutchess Country Fairgrounds on June 7-9th!
It's about time that Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels Studios and I don't have to drive the white box
truck all the way to Ohio or Georgia! 
Well, that will actually happen in Sept and Oct.
 It's going to be exciting to be in our part of the country showing off all of the 
talented women in the Earth Angels Studios tent. 
The Earth Angels artists are from all over the country. 
And some even from around the globe! 
I am honored to have Skippy Doodle Designs as one of the
 Earth Angel's Artists.
We have the biggest tent....the bestest tent.....the funnest tent.....
the most talented tent.....the funky fashion tent......the busiest tent....
and see the list of Artists and their goodies that will be at the show.
So, save your pennies and make the road trip!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Country Living Fair

Just after Labor Day, just after the weather cools a bit,
it's Fair time!
Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio
What could be better than that??? 
Being in the BEST tent at the show!
with the infamous JEN O'CONNOR!
and Artists;
 Letty Worley, Cheryl Kuhn, Melody Elizabeth Doyle,
Marie Pendley, Valerie Weberpal and Laurie Meseroll. 
Time to spend with old friends.
Time to meet new fans.
Time to sell some art.
Time to buy some treasures.
Time to eat junk.
Time for late nights.
Time to laugh.
Time to cry.
Time to work your ass off.
Time to make some cha-ching!
Come and visit the fair if you're close by.
If not, make it a vacation destination.
It's well worth the trip!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rose Petal Porch

This weekend I'll be on the road again, for another AMAZING
This time, it will be in my home state,
New Jersey.
I was introduced to Joyce Cudworth Meehan, owner of the Beautiful
Rose Petal Porch last June.
Let me tell you, Joyce has an amazing eye for vintage finds!
Her shop is filled with treasures at wonderfully reasonable prices!
I came home with a light green 'cubby' shelf, a few
black and white pictures and a vintage purse for Tess.
I use the green shelf in my studio and I also use it as a display at
all of the shows. 
Joyce, I could have sold it many times BUT I love it and can't part with it!
I am fortunate enough that I am going to share my weekend
in Lafayette with my favorite peeps!
Jen O'Connor, Master Mind and Creator of Earth Angels,
Kathy Nuttall - Doer of all Tasks,
Robin and Denny Bellarmino - The Show Organizer and 'Body Guard',
and Letty Worley - Sweetheart and Bear Maker Extraordinaire!
I'm also hoping that these artists can make the show...
Laurie Meseroll - Fantabulous Mix Media Painter
Diana Card - Amazingly Detailed Americana Painter
It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend, weather wise.
Come visit us at Rose Petal Porch
and downtown Lafayette for their great assortment
of Antique and Junk Shops!
Happy Junking!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tess' Confirmation

What a Blessed weekend!
Tess made her Confirmation on Saturday.
Her blessed event was shared by Me and Chris,
her Great-Grandma Tess (96), her 'Other' Nana (75),
her Nana (69) and Papa (71).
St Francis of Assisi Church was decorated beautifully for the
young men and ladies who were being Confirmed.
The Ladies Guild gave each of the Confirmed a carnation corsage/buttonier
and a Confirmation frame.
The Knights of Columbus gave the Confirmation class a 
beautiful set of pearl Rosaries.
Such kind and generous gifts.
Tess' teachers, Deacon Michael and Mrs Flaherty were wonderful.
Tess enjoyed her classes, just not the waking up early part!
Bishop Cote was very nice. He smiled. He made eye contact.
He didn't drill the kids with questions. He shook hands and took pictures with everyone. 
I remember being AFRAID of the Bishop when 
I was being Confirmed. He didn't smile. He glared at us. He asked us questions.
There were no pictures.....I don't even think a handshake.
 Deacon Michael, Tessie and Bishop Michael Cote
 Tess, Great-Grandma Tess (96), "Other" Nana (75), Papa (71) & Nana (69)
Me (w/Skippy), Tess and MC
So another Church Journey completed for Tess.
As my Mom said, the next Church service Tess will be having is her WEDDING!
I think that can wait for at least 10 more years!
My love to Tess for taking another Spiritual Journey.
May Tess know that she will ALWAYS be loved and cherished by
GOD and her Family.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Wonderful Years & Still Counting!

Today marks 19 Wonderful Wedded Years to my Hubby.
WOW! Time just rolls on by.
Our wedding day was so warm, in the 70's, and sunny.
The yellow forsithia was blooming everywhere.
Friends and Family came from everywhere to share our day with us.
If someone would ask me to pick the Happiest Day of my life, I would have to
say that there would HAVE to be 2 days.
One = My Wedding day to MC
Two = The Day Tess was born
I pray that MC and I have MANY years left to spend together.
I also pray that Tess is as blessed and I was to find such a wonderful, 
supportive, devoted and loving man.
MC, you still ROCK my WORLD!

Our wedding ceremony and reception were at the
Old Mansion in Union NJ.
The guys have LONGER hair than girls do!
From L-R:
Cousin Lori Poz Matullo, Carteret BFF Kathy App-Aurelio, Contempo BFF Karen B Bryant
Me and MC
Bro Tim Parker, Band BFF John Lampson and Fishin BFF Ron White