Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Country Living Fair in Ohio

Only one week from today and I'll be heading to NY to
help pack up the Earth Angel's box truck!
I can't believe the Country Living Fair in Ohio is next week!
Friday thru Sunday, September 16-18th.
Either one of the Country Living Fairs, Columbus Ohio or
Atlanta Georgia are
There's Art, Antiques, Junk, Food, Demos and lots more!
If I weren't working both shows, I would empty my own truck, bring my
bestest girlfriends and shop til we dropped!
We'd spend it like we had it! ALL WEEKEND LONG!
There are a few goodies on my list from our own Earth Angels Artists.
Can't wait to chat and spend time with all of the Earth Angels.
Stop by if you are near the Columbus area.
You won't be disappointed!
Oh, and check out these talented ladies at the
Earth Angel's demo tent.