Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Phew! This was a very hectic week! My Princess had her Spring Band Concert, Honor Society Ceremony, Lacrosse Game and read a Poem at our town's Memorial Day Ceremony. * The Spring Concert was beautiful. Tess had two trumpet solos in the Jazz band. She was TERRIFIC! * Tess, seven of her girlfriends and three boys from her grade were inducted into the Honor Society. The teacher and staff did a great job choosing these seventh graders. They are a great bunch of kids who will make a difference in the school and the community in the coming 2010-11 school year. * Tess was asked to read at the Memorial Day Service Ceremony in town. It's a simple yet beautiful Ceremony. Tess was one of two who read, a young man from the school band played Taps throughout the ceremony and a young lady from Chorus sang God Bless America. It's nice to see young people participate in the Ceremony. I think they get a better understanding of what Memorial Day is all about. At the Ceremony, there are Veterans who speak about their war experiences and of the friends they have lost. We visit three small cemeteries in town and their speeches make the tombs and grave markers personal. Not just a stone with a name on it. The Veterans give us all a reality check. * Pray and pray some more...for the safety and well being of our soldiers who protect us and fight for our freedom. HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE.