Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Wonderful Years & Still Counting!

Today marks 19 Wonderful Wedded Years to my Hubby.
WOW! Time just rolls on by.
Our wedding day was so warm, in the 70's, and sunny.
The yellow forsithia was blooming everywhere.
Friends and Family came from everywhere to share our day with us.
If someone would ask me to pick the Happiest Day of my life, I would have to
say that there would HAVE to be 2 days.
One = My Wedding day to MC
Two = The Day Tess was born
I pray that MC and I have MANY years left to spend together.
I also pray that Tess is as blessed and I was to find such a wonderful, 
supportive, devoted and loving man.
MC, you still ROCK my WORLD!

Our wedding ceremony and reception were at the
Old Mansion in Union NJ.
The guys have LONGER hair than girls do!
From L-R:
Cousin Lori Poz Matullo, Carteret BFF Kathy App-Aurelio, Contempo BFF Karen B Bryant
Me and MC
Bro Tim Parker, Band BFF John Lampson and Fishin BFF Ron White