Monday, May 24, 2010

A Jersey Girl With Cowboy Boots?

You bet your sweet bippy! When Hubby and I first started dating, I spotted a black pair of cowboy boots that were calling my name. Unfortunately, they were out of my price range. Well, being the romantic that he is, Hubby bought them and surprised me. That was about 20 years ago. Those black boots were loved and worn to the end. They were resoled three times and when the fourth time came around, they were too worn out to replace. The only remedy would have been duct tape. I wasn't going there. I managed to live without cowboy boots for two years. I could never find the right ones. UNTIL.... My Hubby bought me a gift certificate this past Christmas to a Tac shop a couple of towns over. We went to visit, but no boots were calling my name. Hubby actually put a 'bug' in the owner's ear and she ordered me new boots. RED BOOTS! THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! I WORE THEM TO WORK TODAY! I was like a kid with new sneakers. I wanted to wear them out of the shower, to work, to Princess' LaX practice and in my pj's! My Hubby is going to have to remove them when I'm asleep! I L-O-V-E THEM! I know not everyone will understand, but that's ok. Like Hubby says, "As long as you like them dear!" He's a keeper! (and so are the boots!)
ps the UGLY rug is at work!

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