Sunday, October 3, 2010

Country Living Fair, Columbus Ohio

Earth Angels Tent was Totally Spectacular....
There is nothing more refreshing, amazing, enlightening, inspiring, motivating, and so on....
about the Earth Angels artists.
I am fortunate enough to help/work for the Master Mind behind Earth Angels,
the FABULOUS, Jen O'Connor.
She is an amazing woman, full of energy and life. Her mind is always racing a mile a minute thinking of new and better ideas. It's hard to keep up with her! Someone needs to invent a system that can read her mind and put it on paper so we can all benefit! Tee Hee!
The artists in attendance were: Jennifer Lanne (5rd pix), Letty Worley (& Mom Michelle, 4th pix), Jody Battaglia, Kris Kirkpatrick, Leslie Mc Cabe, Cheryl Kuhn, Valerie Weberpal, Laurie Meseroll (& daughter Sophie), and Melody Elizabeth Doyel.
I forgot to mention that I actually sold some Halloween Itty-Bitty's at the show! Wahoo for me! A couple potion bottles and Frozen Charlotte art too! Thanks again to Jen for making this happen for Skippy Doodle! What an AWESOME opportunity! (1st few pix)
My roomies were Jen and Michelle (3rd pix). Michelle is a pretty, tiny lady that puts the Energizer Bunny and the Hulk to shame. You need something moved, sold, cleaned, etc....she's the girl for you!
And to top it off, after working 12 hours, she gets behind the wheel of the box truck and drives about 7 hours to get us home safely! PHEW!
We had lots of laughs, met lots of wonderful people, sold lots of art and survived the heat and hard work.
OCT 22-24.