Thursday, May 5, 2011

Earth Angels 10th Annual Spring Fling

I'm so excited for the 10th Annual Earth Angel's Spring Fling!

My friend Jen O'Connor is the Mastermind behind it all!

If you have NEVER been to an Earth Angel's event, BOY OH BOY,


Here's some of the info:

Hosted at Schuyler Pond Home & Garden

727 Route 29

Saratoga Springs, New York

Sat, May 21, 10-4

Sun, May 22, 11-3

JO PACKHAM, Where Women Create - Special Guest

Participating Artists Include:

Melody Elizabeth Doyel, Cheryl Kuhn, Jennifer Lanne,

Laurie Meseroll, Nicole Sayre, Debbee Thibault,

Valerie Weberpal, Letty Worley...

among others.

There are many other perks offered at this event.

Check out Jen's website under EVENTS or check it out on FB.

I can't wait to see Jen, Robin and Denny, Kathy and all of the Artists.

My cheeks will hurt from laughing and smiling the whole weekend.

There will be a LOT to see and talk about!

Until later!