Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March Madness

UConn's Women are Champions AGAIN for the 7th time with an UNDEFEATED season!
We are diehard UConn Women's Basketball fans. Honestly, why wouldn't we be? We live in CT not far from campus, we play basketball and we love to watch the UConn Women's Basketball team. What a great bunch of talented players. Two of the best players in the country, Maya Moore and Tina Charles, happen to be as nice as they are talented ball players. A friend of mine has an "in" with one of the coaches, Shea Ralph, a UConn alumni player, who also happens to be a wonderful young woman. She gives us some insight on the ladies. It's nice to cheer for young women who are inspiring, smart and talented. It's amazing the number of female athletes who are scholar athletes. Maya Moore is included with a 3.9 GPA. How does she manage? Well, being an Assistant coach for the Princess' team this year was really special. They were undefeated until the championship game and unfortunately LOST! They were good sports and played really hard. One of our players were injured, so we were down to six, and then one fouled out in the 3rd quarter and we were down to 5. The girls were out numbered and very TIRED! I can't imagine the Pride that Geno Auremmia has for his UConn team, I felt the same way about our girls. Who knows, a few of out girls may be fortunate to play at UConn in a few years. Until next season.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Promised Pictures

I found some carved gold frames for the beautiful black and white (sepia) Madonna prints. They look so serene, calm, inspirational, hopeful. The reflection on the glass makes the pictures a little fuzzy. Hopefully you can appreciate how beautiful the artwork truly is.