Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing and Trading

These are my good friends, Robin and Denny.
They are a fun couple that I had the pleasure of meeting through the infamous,
Jen O'Connor of Earth Angel's Toys a few years back.
Robin and Denny pretty much run the register and keep track of
the inventory at shows for Jen.
Robin is tough, keeps us all in line and keeps all the $$ in order.
Denny, he's the bouncer. The muscle, the brawn.
Really? NO, not really!
He's a big Teddy Bear and he does what Robin says!
Robin, Denny and I are known as the 3 Muskateers.
Robin is #1, Denny is #2 and of course, I'm #3.
It's how we roll. It's how we keep the EA Shows going.
Robin and I have an addiction to sewing notions. Fabric, pin cushions, bobbins,
thread, pins, you name it.
I'm sure Robin would win the game hands down if we had to compare
who has more sewing notions.
we both love to share our goodies.
Robin sent me a package months ago which contained some amazing
old quilt pieces and vintage mother of pearl buttons.
Robin's note was to create whatever I wanted.
Well, I finally finished a goodie box and shipped it to her.
(The box above.)
There were sand filled pin cushions, strawberry emeries, a pillow, a cube with a
mini mohair bear and a shadow box.
Robin loved them all! WAHOO!
In return, I received a trade. Two University of Delaware Blue Hen sweatshirts.
One for me and one for Tess. BONUS!
There's a story behind the sweatshirts that I will tell at another time.
I have to get pictures of me and Tess with the hoodies on.
AND, Robin let me keep any leftover quilt pieces and buttons.
More fun projects to come!
Maybe to sell at one of the EA shows!
Stay tuned!
xoxo to #1 and #2

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  1. SUE!!!
    I tried leaving you a comment after you left Jersey...somehow it kicked it back to me. :(
    SO HAPPY to hear from you! When are you coming back?????? Soon, I hope! I hope "Christopha" has sent you new photos of our newest "creations"??? The boys are keeping me busy, busy, busy...but it's hardly work when I'm with them.
    I wish you were a permanent fixture here with us! :(
    By the way, your newest designs....ADORABLE! Nicki and I sold some over the weekend. They look great out front!
    So, you see? You need to come back and STAY in Jersey and keep restocking the inventory. :)
    Looking forward to more flea markets with you...and seeing more fashionable "mullets". LOLLLLLLLLLLL
    Hope all is well....I speak for all of us when I say we miss you!!! xo