Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring *Snow*?

The Meteorologists are on a roll again!
They're calling for *snow* tonight!
I don't know who or what to believe about the weather,
Do we listen to the Weather Channel, the Local Weather Man/Woman,
read the Farmer's Almanac or get in tune with Mother Nature?
This is just NUTS!
I've told Tess, about a million times now,
to go to college and study the weather.
Heck, she could look pretty on tv, make MAJOR mistakes
forecasting the weather (even with the infamous DOPLER) and
still get paid!
Sounds like a plan to me!
Anyway, found this cute pix of Tess from Easter 2004 when we
moved into our Columbia house.
There's actually *snow* on the ground!
She's too cute so I had to share!
(BTW, Great Grandma Tess made her Easter dress.)
So, there was snow for Easter in 2004 and snow for
Halloween in 2011.
So, I guess there could be snow tonight.
Bring in those 'Spring' flowers, just in case.


  1. How adorable is she??
    Okay, so where were you this weekend?????? You WERE here, but we didn't get to see you??? Not fair! We missed you!
    Check out my site. Wanted you to see the "Phase I" of our sweat & tears. :) :) Dying to know what you think.
    Hope to see you soon!!!!
    Lisa xo

  2. Okay, so you made me cry when I read your comment!!!!!!
    You are such a sweetheart...thanks for all your kind words.
    I LOVE my two, new husbands (LOL)'s the perfect relationship. They get out of hand...I go home to my other husband. Simple. :)
    Truthfully, the barn is incredible. What a labor of love...I just wish you could have been there for the unveiling. Wow, was it amazing...and it keeps on getting better with all the cool props, etc.
    LOVE my home away from home, and the "BOYZ" even more.
    Wish you'd pack your bags and move out here. :) :) Oh...the trouble we'd get into....I shudder to think.
    Hope to see you soon!!
    Thanks again for making my day. xo