Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treasures from Jack's

Well, I finally have the pictures of the treasures I scored working at Jack's. The pictures are taken in my garage b/c I still haven't had time to wipe everything down! I dug around in one of the MANY rooms @ Jack's not open to the public yet...being 'the Sistah' has it's perks! I LOVE my yellow chair. My 96 year old Grandma has a pink one that I use to sit on when she styled my hair when I was little. A beautiful memory, something I will never forget. I also scored some iron children's shoe forms, a small chest of drawers, a shelf/bench, misc littles (buttons and such) and some paper goodies. I found some very old black and white religious pictures. Mostly of the Virgin Mary. I love them all. I am going to get some frames before I share them with you. For some reason, I just have a thing for Religious Icons. They are so beautiful and soft, calming and spiritual. I am just drawn to them. You'll see why in the next post.

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