Monday, May 7, 2012

Tess' Confirmation

What a Blessed weekend!
Tess made her Confirmation on Saturday.
Her blessed event was shared by Me and Chris,
her Great-Grandma Tess (96), her 'Other' Nana (75),
her Nana (69) and Papa (71).
St Francis of Assisi Church was decorated beautifully for the
young men and ladies who were being Confirmed.
The Ladies Guild gave each of the Confirmed a carnation corsage/buttonier
and a Confirmation frame.
The Knights of Columbus gave the Confirmation class a 
beautiful set of pearl Rosaries.
Such kind and generous gifts.
Tess' teachers, Deacon Michael and Mrs Flaherty were wonderful.
Tess enjoyed her classes, just not the waking up early part!
Bishop Cote was very nice. He smiled. He made eye contact.
He didn't drill the kids with questions. He shook hands and took pictures with everyone. 
I remember being AFRAID of the Bishop when 
I was being Confirmed. He didn't smile. He glared at us. He asked us questions.
There were no pictures.....I don't even think a handshake.
 Deacon Michael, Tessie and Bishop Michael Cote
 Tess, Great-Grandma Tess (96), "Other" Nana (75), Papa (71) & Nana (69)
Me (w/Skippy), Tess and MC
So another Church Journey completed for Tess.
As my Mom said, the next Church service Tess will be having is her WEDDING!
I think that can wait for at least 10 more years!
My love to Tess for taking another Spiritual Journey.
May Tess know that she will ALWAYS be loved and cherished by
GOD and her Family.

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