Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rose Petal Porch

This weekend I'll be on the road again, for another AMAZING
This time, it will be in my home state,
New Jersey.
I was introduced to Joyce Cudworth Meehan, owner of the Beautiful
Rose Petal Porch last June.
Let me tell you, Joyce has an amazing eye for vintage finds!
Her shop is filled with treasures at wonderfully reasonable prices!
I came home with a light green 'cubby' shelf, a few
black and white pictures and a vintage purse for Tess.
I use the green shelf in my studio and I also use it as a display at
all of the shows. 
Joyce, I could have sold it many times BUT I love it and can't part with it!
I am fortunate enough that I am going to share my weekend
in Lafayette with my favorite peeps!
Jen O'Connor, Master Mind and Creator of Earth Angels,
Kathy Nuttall - Doer of all Tasks,
Robin and Denny Bellarmino - The Show Organizer and 'Body Guard',
and Letty Worley - Sweetheart and Bear Maker Extraordinaire!
I'm also hoping that these artists can make the show...
Laurie Meseroll - Fantabulous Mix Media Painter
Diana Card - Amazingly Detailed Americana Painter
It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend, weather wise.
Come visit us at Rose Petal Porch
and downtown Lafayette for their great assortment
of Antique and Junk Shops!
Happy Junking!

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  1. I can't believe you were here and I didn't get to see you! :( I was suupose to come with Darren until my day got screwed up.
    Thank you for your very sweet comments!! I can't believe Francesca graduated last night...my "baby". :( I'm walking around in a fog today, getting ready for her big party tomorrow...
    I can't even imagine what I'll be like when she goes to college!!! I'll be the mom holding onto my daughter's ankle as she's trying to make me let go! LOL
    Hope to see you over the summer!