Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Love Chenille Chicks !

One of my favorite things about Easter decorations and Itty Bitties are CHENILLE CHICKS! I have a big collection of old and new, mini and big, yellow and pink and many other varieties. I can't get enough! I will have to post pictures of my little peepers so you can get the full effect. I'll be putting them out tomorrow sometime with the rest of my Easter goodies. I can't wait to unpack them. They make me smile and giggle. My husband thinks I'm kooky. He ALWAYS tells me, "as long as you like them Honey". Needless to say, he's a keeper! Anyway, I decided to make some ornaments and nut cups for my Etsy site with this little peepers. They're cutsie and fun. Take a peek if you can and enjoy!

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