Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Did I ever mention that I'm originally from Jersey?
Yep, a true blooded Jersey born girl.
(For the record, absolutely NOT like the Jersey Shore tv cast! Not even
in my worst hours in the 80's!)
I moved to CT in 1989 and stayed.
Since we moved to our little cow town in CT about 8 years ago,
MC and Tess have been talking about getting
My answer had always been NO!
1. Because I'm from Jersey and don't know anything about chickens
2. I didn't want to be the 'farmer' to take care of them!
(as you well know, Mom's ALWAYS wind up taking care of the animals!)
I made them PROMISE that the 'girls' would be their job.
they got 5 girls.
1 Buff Orpington named Buff, 2 RI Reds named Hannah and Summer and
2 Delawares named Pepper and Blanca
The girls are nice enough to produce 5 eggs a day. Some days, one will take a
break from laying.
Skippy and Pat the cat don't mind the girls either.
They're actually pretty comical.
So, Tess is now a Fancy Farm Girl and MC is just MC.
Liking all his girls.
Nuff said.

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